Guids & Tips

With this section, we would like to give you some advice about how you can help us improve the overall quality of your translated texts.

1.    The more details you give about context, the better.

If necessary, you can write some notes (1 or 2 sentences) by explaining the context and meaning of the sentence to the translator. Another option is to provide some reference links as well as some reference material.



2.    Tone and aspect

In addition, it’s important that you clearly specify the tone in which you want to transmit your texts.

Formal or informal translation? What message do you want to communicate?



3.    Communication

It’s important that you regularly check your e-mail and be ready to answer any question we might have. The faster you can reply our questions, the better so that the translation is completed quickly. If you are going to be absent, it’s important to communicate with us about it and provide notes throughout the text.