High Quality

highqualityAt IPT the quality of our translation work is  of absolute paramount importance to us. We are extremely particular that no  matter whether the job is large or small, no error should ever be allowed to  creep into our work

Ever since we started our business we have  always operated to this standard. We believe that because of this we have built  a very loyal customer base who return to us again and again.

To maintain our standards we only engage  translators who are qualified and experienced. Our translators work on  documents which are being translated into their mother tongue. Only in this way  can the message be properly communicated to the target audience.

A classic example of why we use native  translators is English written by people living in India. The English language  is spoken throughout the Indian sub-continent as a result of over 400 years of  British rule, but the dialect spoken there is nothing like what will be heard  amongst the English themselves. Another example is the English that is spoken  throughout the United States and Canada. In those countries, many phrases heard  in England will not be used and even the spelling of many commonly used words  is different.

Only a person raised in the culture truly understands the meanings behind certain combinations of word and phrases. In some cases, a certain phrase used in a certain context could be unintentionally insulting whereas using the phrase somewhere else would be quite acceptable

To ensure that we maintain the very highest standards we do not settle for just one translator. We believe that two minds are better than one so we have our translated work proof read by another native speaker of the target language.

We are proud of the quality of our translations and work very hard to ensure that our clients get only the very best standard of translation