On Time


We understand that when doing business on an international basis, trust is not so easily created as when conducted in the same country. Business arrangements can sometimes be delicate in the early stages, and one of the greatest destroyers of trust is the late delivery of documentation. We understand that time is of the essence during this period.

Doing business can sometimes be likened to ballroom dancing: to do it well you not only need to know the correct steps, you need to put them in time to the music. Documentation needed to transact international business successfully is similar. Getting the steps of putting into place properly translated and transcribed documents is essential. It is also an essential element of a contract that both sides fully understand its terms. However good the translation and understanding between the parties is, if the documents aren’t in place at the right time, disaster can and does occur.

Assuming we are not asked for almost impossible deadlines, we will always do our best to get the translated documents into the hands of our client before the deadline.