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Great work. very good at keeping the commitments. I will certainly use IPT in my future translation projects, and will recommend their service to every one. Thanks for the great work.

Jyoti, Bhubaneswar, India
Raddyx Technologies



IPT Translations provided an excellent translation service and the quality of the translation was excellent. I could tell by the questions that they were asking mid-way through that I had appointed a professional. I’ll work with them for all future translation projects.

Mark, Newcastle, United Kingdom



Great translations and rewritings delivered!A+++ for IPT Translations and his translation team. Good communications and fast response… Recommended

Mustapha, s’hertogenbosch, Netherlands e-way24



They delivered a perfect profesional service, was extremely flexible on my changing timetable and lack of information. I would recommend him as your top pick for these reasons.

Chris, Kansas City, United States



It was a pleasure to work with IPT and be provided with high quality translation in no time. I will %100 work again with them again. A+++

Mark, Tel Aviv, Israel



Talk about Speedo Gonzales! This is the person to do your translations with. Totally impressed and this Team has the fastest communications and delivery. Dont waste your time with other service providers. They were so GOOD that we have given them all our translation requirements! Enjoy their services and you will never regret it.

Mike, Dusseldorf, Germany



Excellent provider, great communication very fast delivey time, very good work, excellent price/quality and very professional. I also gave them a second job translating English to French which was also very good. I will certainly Work with them again.

Fitimmer, Ham, Belgium



I was exceptionally pleasantly surprised by the accuracy diligence and efficiency of the team of professionals working for IPT. It is brilliant. All my work outsourced to one team who did an outstanding job with no botheration to me at all. I started off with a few projects with them and then decided that I would just use him for Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, German, and Arabic. I did not bother with other bids because they did such a good job. I am sure they will deliver wonderfully for you too. I gave him over 11000 USD in fees in numerous projects.” Best wishes Shyam.

Shyam Mehta, London, United Kingdom
The Loving Heart Centre



Excellent provider. Went extra mile on the project. I would highly recommend to anyone

Lidia, Pennington, United States



IPT Translations was definitively the best provider I worked with so far. Trustful, honest and very talented. I was 200% satisfied with their translations skills, even with a complex subject and context. That’s why they earned 220% more money than the agreed. Strict with deadlines, meticulous and intelligent. I don’t need to look for any other Spanish translator anymore. Dont have doubts, count on IPT. Thank you very much for your job.

Guilherme, São Paulo, Brazil



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