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Professional document translation from English to Danish

Our team of translators can even translate hygge, a word that according to the Danish doesn’t have a direct translation to other languages, but it’s true it’s a well-known concept in Denmark and does have a translation into whatever language you need.

At IPT Translations, we also translate documents to Arabic, Swedish, Malayan, Polish and also many other European, Asian, and African languages, etc. All carried out by a team of professional native translators.

By the way, hygge is a word that deals with the concept of happiness, wellbeing, feeling at home in whatever you’re doing.  It’s a sensation of peacefulness, happiness, and a familiar setting. It’s literally comforting. You see? We already told you we are capable of translating anything.

Translations from English to Danish

As you already know, Danish is the official language of Denmark.  If you have a company or you’re self-employed and have clients in Denmark, at some point you’re going to need a translator from English to Danish or Danish to English.

Danish is a Scandinavian language, corresponding to a group of Germanic languages.  It’s the official language of Denmark, the Faroe Islands, and in parts of the European Union.  There are 6 million people who speak it and it’s also spoken in Greenland, Germany, and Iceland.

Are you looking to break into the Danish market?

Denmark is the world’s 35th largest importer, and therefore an economically important European country. Denmark supports a liberal trade policy and its quality of life is one of the highest in the world. It’s a country that’s self-sufficient in energy and exports primarily machinery, instruments, and food products.

About our professional Translators specialized in English to Danish

At IPT Translations we offer a professional translation service from English to Danish with an extensive team of native Danish translators. Additionally, we do professional, effective translations carried out by hand, done by real people, respecting the character and style of the original text for translation.

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