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At we’ll translate any type of document from English to Greek.  We translate legal documents, corporate documents, reports, medical documentation, and technical documents with scientific vocabulary, etc.

We offer a fast professional translation service, as we have an extensive team of native translators. So if you need an official, personal or company document to be translated from English to Greek, just contact us and with a quick turnaround you’ll have your document translated into Greek.

We translate documents to Arabic, Swedish, Malayan, Polish, and also many other European, Asian, and African languages, etc. All carried out by a team of professional native translators.

English to Greek Translations

Greek is a language originating in Greece and it’s considered the language with the longest documented history, with written evidence dating back to more than 3,400 years.  Greek has its own alphabet derived from Phoenician, and in turn gave rise to other alphabets like Latin and Cyrillic, among others.

Greek is spoken in Greece, Cyprus, Albania, Italy, France, Turkey, and in small communities in the United States.  There are about 15 million speakers and it’s the official language of Greece and Cyprus.

Are you looking to break into the Greek market?

In 2016, Greece had imports valued at $47.6 billion, making this country the 50th largest importer in the world.
Additionally, Greece is the 64th biggest export economy in the world.  With respect to its geography, Greece borders Turkey, Albania, Bulgaria, and Macedonia by land and Egypt, Libya, Cyprus, and Italy by sea.

So if your company’s expansion plan includes breaking into the Greek business sector, you need a translation service from English to Greek done by professional translators

About our professional Translators specialized in English to Greek

At IPT Translations we offer a professional translation service from English to Greek with an extensive team of native Hellenic translators. Additionally, we do professional, effective translations carried out by hand, done by real people, respecting the character and style of the original text for translation.

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