We Provide Quality Translation Services

Our translation service is done through professional native translators and not through any automatic software. With this we can ensure that you receive quality translation services, since our own translators are the ones who perform the translation, sentence by sentence. So, we can guarantee results of the highest quality.

Currently, at IPT Translations we translate projects, works and all kinds of texts into more than 50 languages, since our translators are native, bilingual speakers and translate the most common languages, such as English, French, Italian and German. But we also translate the less prevalent ones: Russian, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Hungarian, as well as different Asian languages such as Thai, Malay and Chinese, among other.


Why do we offer a quality translation service?

Because we offer you a translation service that is performed by professional native translators, personalized attention, guaranteed fast delivery times and highly competitive rates.

As part of our quality translation service for companies, we offer translations of texts from all professional industries, including specialized texts (scientific, legal, medical...) and more generic texts.  We guarantee that the professional translator will be specialized in the industry that you request from us and that they will be familiar with the terminology and communication style that you need.

We provide online translations of specific texts as well as for large projects, quickly and efficiently. We translate short texts within 24 or 48 hours, the translation time will vary according to the length, but translations are delivered quickly and without delay.

What kind of quality translation services do we offer?

Within our quality translation services, we offer translations of texts spanning from advertising to internal company documents and websites.