IPT Translations is a translation agency that’s concerned with the quality of the final product.  We are company that you can easily and efficiently communicate with in any language.

We work on a global scale and do translations for companies from all different sectors.

You can contract our translation services for your company, and we’ll translate your company’s documents to German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Swedish, English, etc. Or whatever language you need, always with professional native translators.

Our translation company receives translations from all kinds of companies.  We get translation requests from large companies, small ones, all with different prices and target audiences, but our goal is always the same: translating what you need in your client’s language, guaranteed.

Professional Translations for Companies

We have a network of professional translators available who do their translation services with accuracy and efficiency for companies at a competitive price and with an optimal result that ensures effective communication with your clients.

Our professional and native translators are constantly connected, and that allows us to manage and translate any type of document in a limited time frame.

Our translators are also specialized in making sure your message gets to your target audience without any issues.  The translators who will carry out your company’s translation need all the possible text details and your company’s information to ensure the quality of your translation.

How We Work At IPT Translations

Our goal as a translation company is to offer quality adapted to your budget and in the time frame you need.

  • Receiving the material. When we receive the quote request, we review the work that needs to be done and all the necessary material to do the translation project.
  • Analysis and budget. We’ll check with our specialized translators, specifically those who will do the work, to give you the most accurate budget possible.
  • Accepting the budget. Once the budget is accepted, we’ll begin to prepare the documents so our translators can start the work.
  • Final revision.  Once the translation is done, we’ll do a review to make sure everything is correct.
  • Delivery to the client.

Translation Services for Companies

The main translation services for companies that we offer include:

Scientific translation: specialized translators in different scientific areas will be in charge of translations, such as journal articles, whitepapers, or webinars, medical essays, scientific books and manuals, theses in different specialties, technical-scientific apps, etc.

Audiovisual Translation: from e-learning training products to multimedia presentations, including video game sector software localization, subtitling for short and long firms, video clips, series and movie dubbing, audio descriptions for museums, newspaper archives, or cultural centers etc.

Tourism Translation: we translate different materials like multimedia applications, service letters for hotels and restaurants, guidebooks, tourism marketing materials, etc.